It’s a noisy digital world out there, and it’s easy to feel greyed out and invisible online.
I’ll get to the essence of your brand to create copy that sounds like you – not anyone else – and voice-overs that make the right noise about your business.

Lost for words? Let me free you from the grind of writing web copy, blogs, brochures, feature articles, press releases, video scripts and more.
I’ll spot the embarrassing gaffs you might miss in your web copy, blogs and brochures to magazines, newsletters and corporate publications.
Amp up your marketing with an Australian female voice talent for your videos, ads, phone messaging, eLearning or corporate communications.
Got a music project needing some female vocals? From jingles to educational content and original music, I’m your “lungs for hire”.

Video is so hot right now – and getting even hotter!

You’ve heard that video content boosts audience engagement, right? You might even dabble in Facebook Live.

So, while nothing beats the raw reality of live video, a professional voice-over really lifts your brand’s image in promotional or animated explainer videos for your website, advertisements or presentations.

Being a copywriter and a voice-over talent, I get the difference between words meant for reading and words meant for speaking. It’s all about the rhythm, pace and impact. You can’t just lift some words off your website and plonk them into a script.

I’ll leave Facebook Live to you – and if you want to leave the voice-overs and video scriptwriting to me, Get in touch!


Struggling to find your voice and create content with impact? I can help you:

  • Discover your brand’s unique voice
  • Unlock the meaning in your message so you stand out
  • Fine-tune your existing content, giving it clarity – and punch
  • Get the edge in your marketing with voice-overs for audio and video
  • And ultimately… communicate with cause

writeNOISE Communications is Sydney small business copywriter & explainer video voiceover talent, Virginia Muzik. Let me help you perfect your brand message and communicate with cause. That way, you move your market to connect with your brand.

But first, connect with me.

Rave Reviews

Slidemaster’s team appreciates the quality of work Virginia provides and the quick turnaround given the tight deadlines we have to deal with. Virginia is very professional, and most importantly (and also rare), is her ability to ‘get’ the brief.
Virginia worked with me on my website, editing and proofreading. Her ability to understand my work, and my personality, enabled me to still feel it is my own words, not written by someone else. I will always use her services for all my publicity needs.
Virginia has provided a number of voice-overs for my company. She is talented and professional and always provides a high quality product. I can highly recommend her voice-over services.
Jillian Sands, Small World Social
The best wordsmith I have worked with! Virginia takes the brief and turns it into a piece of work that is exactly the way I want it to read. If your words are important to you and you want your copy to have your authenticity, go no further than Virginia and writeNOISE.
Monica Brewer, Business Freedom Group
After only one meeting with Virginia, I knew she was the one to do my content writing and I wasn’t wrong. She interpreted my request better than I could ever have imagined. As I said to her, she ‘has me for life’.
Sevil Rowland, Shakinah Day Spa