Virginia Muzik
Virginia Muzik

Want to be heard above the noise? I’m an inner west Sydney copywriter and Australian female voiceover talent. I’ll help you sharpen your marketing message, whether it’s web copy, blogs or voice-over for video – so you make maximum impact.

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Are you telling the truth about your business? Or is your content marketing playing it ‘safe’ – because you think it’s what your market wants?

Well, guess what? Your market wants the real YOU!

And if you’re struggling to find your voice, get clear on your message – or if you don’t have time to write your own copy, I can help.

How am I different?

I’m a sort of one-stop communications shop! And words are the common thread.

If you need help with copywriting, think of me as a conduit through which you get clear on your message and get it out there. Call it intuitive writing if you like!

Written your own words that just need a polish? I’ll whip those words into shape and fix any errors with my keen proofreading eye.

If you’re after a professional voice for your videos, phone messaging and ads, my voice-over services won’t blow your budget.

Who I work with

I thrive on variety and diverse projects – and my copywriting, proofreading and voice-over clients are a pretty diverse bunch that includes:

Health, beauty and wellness businesses
Spiritual-based businesses
Start-ups and sole traders
Business coaches
Entrepreneurs and small business
Digital and Creative agencies
Government departments

What really lights me up is making connections: with people, ideas and creative energies. I love working with businesses – of any size – that are driven by ethics, compassion and finding meaning in what they do… always with the collective “big picture” in their sights.

And if you’ve got a quirky bent and sense of humour, then I think we’ll get along juuuust fine.

So who am I?

A card-carrying introvert for starters. So while I love connecting with people, I can be shy at first. And I might need some quiet alone time after full-on ‘people time’.

But us introverts have sharp-as observation skills – the less we say, the more we take in: always listening, noticing.

And that comes in handy helping you get to the heart of what you want your content to say.

I’ve always loved language and sound. As a child, I made my own “magazines” and recorded myself singing – into a hairbrush microphone, of course!

This early fascination with print media and audio led to a BA (Communications) from the University of Technology, Sydney, and close to 20 years in publishing as a journalist, feature writer and copywriter, where I honed my writing chops.

I’ve got The Clever Copywriting School stamp of approval, too – so you know you’ll get ‘better-than-fiverr’ quality copy.  Just click on the logo to check out my listing in their directory.

And for details on my professional background, you can visit my LinkedIn profile.

Stuff I do in my spare time:

  • volunteer with my two dogs through Delta Society, bringing pet therapy to people in aged care facilities
  • indulge my inner rock chick, seeing regular live music gigs
  • semi-regular Pilates
  • dabble in crystals and aromatherapy
  • READ! Whether it’s research on the Web, books or magazines
  • watch TV comedies, documentaries, movies
  • hang out in nature: preferably near water

I’m raw and I’m real – what you see is definitely what you get.


I love living and working in Sydney’s inner west community.

Oh, and yep, Muzik is my real name. It’s Ukrainian.

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