In the wake of grief: finding a way back to life – and solo business

sibling grief waves

Six months ago, my world caved in when my brother died unexpectedly – 2 weeks before Christmas.

I still can’t wrap my head – and heart – around the fact I’ll never see him again. That all that’s left of this larger-than-life man are the memories I cherish (and those that still hurt) … and a smallish blue box housing his ashes on a shelf in my living room.

How to channel your inner gymnast in business

Rhythmic gymnast solo business

Gymnastics is the only Olympic sport I’ll watch – partly because watching sport bores me, but mainly because I wanted to be a gymnast as a child. Nadia Comaneci was an idol of mine when she somersaulted her way to scoring the first perfect 10s at the Montreal Olympics in 1976.

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Which video style is right for your business?

Explainer videos voice over

Last time, we looked at the stats behind video content and what makes it such an effective marketing tool. In this post, we’ll take a look at the different types of video and how to choose which style is right for your business.

6 online video statistics – and 1 bit of science – you can’t ignore

Explainer video content marketing

This 2-part series looks at why you need online video in your business. Here, it’s just about the facts …

Video is where it’s at in content marketing, right? By now, you know you need video on your website, and in your social media marketing. You’ve probably even seen a Facebook Live or Snapchat video too, yes? Whether it’s live action, video blogging (AKA vlogging) or animated videos, the statistics prove video boosts engagement and can even up conversion rates too.

How I got through a brand identity crisis

Revolutionary brand identity archetype

Last week, I had a rant in a facebook networking group for businesswomen. I wasn’t in a good way at all, suffering a bout of imposter syndrome, a brand identity crisis and feeling like my purpose wasn’t reflected in my branding or services. You know, just the trivial stuff.

Ten tips for better proofreading

Proofreader red pen on copy

Some people say you should never proofread what you’ve written. I say “poppycock!” In fact, some of my clients ask me for tips on proofreading their own writing. While the way you approach proofing very much depends on the individual document, here are just 10 top tips for better proofreading.

Never mind the mainstream: here’s what small business owes to punk

Product 45 small business punk

As a small business owner, it’s unlikely you’d consider yourself to be punk, right?

According to plan: what’s your goal setting gizmo?

Planner for business goal setting

This time of year, a whole lotta goal setting and planning goes on – especially in business. You know, refining your business vision, planning your marketing efforts, that kind of thing. So how do you get your dreams and schemes down – digitally or with ‘old skool’ pen ‘n’ paper?

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5 business lessons I learned in 2015

apple book business lessons

Being a sole trader is hard work. Damned hard work. And there’s a big difference between freelancing and running a small business. You’re forever learning and evolving. Sometimes the lessons ain’t easy and you wonder how you’ll cope, but as the saying goes: “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”. Well, my teachers (there were a few) appeared this year. Here are 5 business lessons I’ve learned.

For more punch in your copywriting, try these 5 tips

Boxer copywriting with punch

Cher was right when she sang: “words are like weapons, they wound sometimes”.

But you may have been too distracted by her outfit in the video for “If I Could Turn Back Time” to notice that important lyric. Who knew Cher could teach us about copywriting and the power of words?

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