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Copy doesn’t quite hit the mark? 

If your content marketing doesn’t quite reach your target, I’ll help you discover (or refine) your brand tone of voice so your words truly speak to your customers. And to make sure your customers actually SEE your content, I can help with SEO website copy, blogs and sales pages that appeal to your readers AND Google.  


No time to write your own content? 

It takes time to craft content that sends out the right message and energy. But trying to do it all yourself means your communications can sometimes come across as rushed and not considered. With my creative content services, you can tick more off your to-do list – and get on with the things you’d rather do in your business. Let me help you with: 

  • SEO website copy – that doesn’t read like a robot wrote it! 
  • Lead pages, landing pages, EDMs 
  • Blog and eBook ghostwriting 
  • Press releases 
  • Email newsletters 
  • Feature articles for print and online 
  • Brochure copywriting 
  • Video scripts – and I can do the voice-over if you need it 

“Working with Virginia deeply satisfies me, because she gets me in all the complexities of translating my artworks into words. I love the depth of her understanding and her ability to complete my content into a beautifully written text. I highly recommend her work for its professionalism and its intuitive flow.” 

Kirana Haag, Kirana Haag Transformational Artist 

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