I'm getting feedback!

Today, I got some great feedback from a new voice-over client. It was for a 60-second read, but the word count was more for 90 seconds. So I had to speed up the pace, while sounding relaxed, not rushed – a fairly common request in voice-overs.

While recording, I did three takes, and I knew on the third one I’d nailed it. After a while, you just know… I quickly listened back to the first two takes before deciding that third take was the one I’d edit. The upshot is I trusted my instincts (and ears!) and as a result, I cut down my editing time too. (Just so you know, a 60-second script can take around 20 minutes to record and an hour or so to edit – I’m a bit of a perfectionist.)

I sent the file off and in less than 24 hours, I got this feedback:

“This is the exact kind of creative I was trying to imagine, only better!”

As you can imagine, I was chuffed! Feedback like this cannot be bought and if, as the client alluded, it leads to more work, then all my efforts are worth it! And client testimonials can become a valuable marketing tool. Word-of-mouth is still the best form of advertising.

My website is undergoing a redesign at the moment, so once it’s relaunched I’ll have some lovely new content – including testimonials – added to it, and a more user-friendly interface.

Enthusiastic, spontaneous, unsolicited feedback from a client – there’s nothing like it to spur you on to excelling even more.

How important are client testimonials and feedback to your morale, motivation – and marketing?

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