Say wha?

Say wha?

Do you ever find yourself misreading things? Random signs as you pass by on the bus or in the car? Headlines in newspapers or magazines? On first glance they seem to say one thing, then when you take a second look, you realise what they actually say.

I was in Chatswood the other day and noticed a sign on a school opposite Chatswood Chase Shopping Centre. It read: Our Lady of Dolours Primary School. I, of course, thought it read: “Our Lady of Primary Colours”. My immediate mental image was of the Virgin Mary clothed in robes of bold red, blue and yellow, like in those camp and gaudy Pierre et Gilles photos – not the ethereal, demure vision in her usual pale blue and white.

Akin to misheard song lyrics (there’s a whole website dedicated to those!), this misreading thing can be cultivated. The more you do it, the better you become. If you let your imagination run riot, the mental imagery it conjures can keep you amused ad infinitum – And I like that.

Mind you, I’m forever proofreading signs, leaflets, publications and menus out of habit, so the balance is there.

Yin and yang.

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