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Prospects not

Maybe they’re just not FEELING you.

You KNOW people make emotional decisions when buying.

But did you know the words you use have an energy that can sway those emotions towards or away from your offering?

So, if you wanna write copy that connects, compels and converts your prospects – you gotta hit ‘em in the ‘feels’.

Learn how to write in a way that makes people
FEEL GOOD about buying from you

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Say it with feeling: 5 ways to boost your copy energy so your content hooks your crowd

Erm… what’s ‘Copy Energy’?

Fair question! It’s based on the fact language has an energy we respond to – whether we realise it or not.

This eBook is an introduction to the idea. It’s a guide and a workbook that will help you start using the energy of your words so you have greater impact on your audience.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Why the energy of your words matters
  • One never-fail trick to write better-sounding copy
  • The ‘secret sauce’ to writing copy that connects
Copy Energy Workbook

How does that sound?

Well, your content’s gonna sound better once you’ve worked through this eBook!

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