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Proofreading and copy editing: the finishing touch for your words

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Written your own content but not sure it feels – or reads – right?

When you’re so close to your copy, it’s easy to miss spelling, grammar and punctuation errors. And then there are details like structure, tone of voice, flow and clarity. That’s where you find the energy of your content.

Do your words weave your story effortlessly, do they waffle on or stop and start?

QUICK TIP: READ IT OUT LOUD to pick up some rhythm, punctuation and grammar glitches.

Does your content have the right energy for your purpose? Is it up or down, reassuring, urgent, serious or funny?

You only get one shot at a first impression! That’s why it’s wise to invest in professional proofreading or copy editing for web and print, to give your words the once over, and give YOU peace of mind.

“Virginia has worked with me on my website, editing and proofreading. Her ability to understand my work and personality, and give focused criticism, enabled me to write about my work and still feel it’s my own words, not written by someone else. This was important to me. I will always use her services for all my publicity and printing needs.”
Sandy Waugh, Animal Bowen Australia

Do your words need a copy energy check?

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