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Wrote your own copy but it's not connecting or converting?

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You know how you scroll past bland content online?
Well, so do your prospects.

Can you blame them? We’re all bombarded with marketing messages daily. So, YOU need to stand out. You need stop ‘em in their tracks copy.

And that can be hard to write when you’re so close to your business.

So why doesn’t your content connect?

Maybe your language doesn’t match your market: it’s too stuffy, too casual, too inconsistent.

Maybe your content’s too long – or too short.

Maybe you’re not telling your prospects why they should care about your content. You know, the benefits?

Maybe your headlines and calls to action just aren’t grabbing ‘em.

Or, you’ve left your personality out of your content – and that’s the one thing your prospects will relate to. AKA ENGAGEMENT!

An engaged prospect is more likely to take action: Buy, sign up, download, book in.

Sounds like you need a ‘sound check’ of your content.

Like musos tuning up before a gig, a sound check will get your message in tune with your crowd, upping your engagement and making conversions a cinch.

That’s what you get with the SOUND CHECK COPY REWRITE.

This is for you if:

  • You know you need an expert opinion of your content, but you don’t have much budget right now.
  • You’ve been burned by copywriters in the past, so you’re wary of forking out the big bucks (or the Fiverr bucks) again.
  • You know you can write, but when you’re so close to your content it’s hard to see how to improve it. You need some WOW! factor.

“I’m very happy with the rewrite of the sales page. It’s terrific! Thank you for making the effort to get these through so quickly.”

Kathleen Connell, Kathleen Connell Singing Tuition

What’s in it for you?

  • Get expert eyeballs on your words, with a professional copyedit that takes your content from blah to blast-off!
  • A reworked, ready-to-go piece of content you can use right away.
  • Plus bonus tips you can apply to improve your other content.

How does it play out?

Basically, you send me some content you wrote, and I send you back a professionally copyedited rewrite that amps up your engagement. But there’s more to it than that…


  • 1-hour Skype or Zoom call – recorded and sent to you
  • In the call, we’ll dig into your brand messaging and nut out what you think is working and what’s not with your content
  • I rewrite 1 page of your content – up to 500 words (your choice: blog post, sales page, web page – excludes Home/About page)
  • Bonus tips for how to improve the words – and impact – of your other content

Imagine how you’ll feel when:

  • Your content really hooks your potential customers
  • You get a lower web page bounce rate and more enquiries
  • Your brand stands out in the online noise and gets noticed

Ready to rock?

I need a Sound Check!

“I love it! Really happy with the results. Amazing job, Virginia!”

Samantha Rush, Legion Consulting Group

The price?


* That’s cheaper than a VIP meet and greet ticket to see your favourite band!

The process

  • Contact me to book and pay to lock in your Sound Check Copy Rewrite
  • Send me the copy you want me to rewrite – email through a Word file or put it on Google Docs and we can collaborate there
  • I’ll check it over before we chat, so I can be armed with tips to give you right away
  • I’ll send you some ‘getting to know you’ questions ahead of our call
  • Book the Sound Check Copy Rewrite here. Choose your preferred time to talk and tell me which platform (Skype or Zoom). This video call is when I dig into your business and what you want your content to achieve
  • I rewrite your content so it hits the right notes
  • Your reworked content is ready to plug and play to your crowd!


Let’s get your content connecting better

Sound Check my copy!