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You don’t have to shout to be heard.
And you don’t have to play it ‘safe’ with words that aren’t YOU.
But you do have to write in a way that makes your prospects
connect, and FEEL GOOD about buying from you.
Learn how – in my ‘Say It With Feeling’ workbook.


You do things differently, don’t you? Snap! Me too! I’m Virginia, Sydney-based copywriter, voice-over artist … and card-carrying introvert.

I get you …

You’re an ethical, cause-driven business owner – a creative, an artist, or in wellness. You’ve got a bold, much-needed vision to shake things up in this world – but does your message get lost in translation? That’s where I can help.

I get words …

Truly captivating content is more than the right words arranged the right way. It needs substance, a dynamic rhythm and the right energy – your energy.
As a tuned-in business owner, you know the influence of energy and emotions. Because that’s what makes people buy.
So … how would it feel to find your true voice and express your brand YOUR WAY?
I’d love to help you!

How do we do it?

By digging deep into who you are, what your brand represents and what you want to achieve. It’s about getting to your essence to uncover the rare gem that makes you YOU, then giving your words an energy that fits. It’s a kinda intuitive process, really.
Come this way

Words for eyes and ears

Words are powerful. Written or spoken, words can lift us up or drag us down. Same goes for your content marketing. I know this energetic power of words. Which means I can help you with all kinds of content, from writing words for your web copy and sales pages to voicing words for your web videos or audio books


Want dynamic web copy
that connects and compels?

proofreading red 600


Need an expert proofreader
to edit the words you wrote?

microphone voiceover soundwaves


Want a female voice-over
to bring your videos to life?


Latest Work

See for yourself how my content services have helped others: from written words for websites, blogs, brochures, sales/lead pages, EDMs and video scripts, to spoken words for explainer videos, eLearning, ads and phone greetings.

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She Business web copy

“Working with Virginia deeply satisfies me, because she gets me in all the complexities of translating my artworks into words.
I love the depth of her understanding and her ability to turn my content into a beautifully written text. I highly recommend her work for its professionalism and its intuitive flow.”

Kirana Haag, Kirana Haag Transformational Artist

“Virginia helped me produce copy for my website which improved my google ranking and overall SEO performance significantly. I would highly recommend anyone looking to improve their brand message to speak with Virginia.”

Philippe Flatt, Image Technique Photography

Read my words for others
Hear my voice in action

Bits and blogs

Get copywriting and voice-over tips and tricks
plus the musings of my soul-guided solo business life…


Ready to take it up a notch?

Let’s find your voice and get it out there