According to plan: what’s your goal setting gizmo?

Planner for business goal setting

This time of year, a whole lotta goal setting and planning goes on – especially in business. You know, refining your business vision, planning your marketing efforts, that kind of thing. So how do you get your dreams and schemes down – digitally or with ‘old skool’ pen ‘n’ paper?

Me, I’m into planners. Yes, I am. In this digital age, I still prefer the idea and feel of print diaries – not very environmentally friendly, I know. But I’m an impatient wench and for me, it’s faster to open my planner and scribble a reminder than it is to wake my phone up, tap on the calendar app, select the day, press the add button and type in the reminder, then hit ‘save’. Too. Many. Steps.

What I didn’t realise is just how much planners are ‘a thing’ – especially in the US. They’re a BIG thing. I’m talking subculture-like Facebook groups, Etsy stores, Pinterest pages and blog after blog, all rhapsodising about the joy of planners: spiral bound, Filofax-style, perfect bound … you name it.

I also discovered it was harder to find a planner that met my needs than I first realised. They were either too dull, corporate and basic, or too frou-frou and fraught with pressure, with all those inspirational, aspirational quotes and sections to fill in. You really want me to log how many glasses of water I drink EVERY day?? Or find time to think of something to be grateful for EVERY day? Life just ain’t like that. Not mine, at least.

So, like most people who can’t find something that fits the bill, one year I designed my own. And I was pretty happy with the result. It was simple, colourful, with scope for goal setting and reflection, but ultimately – realistic.

While I’m still getting to grips with the start of my year, I hope yours goes to plan!

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