Renew, rejig, revitalise: 3 reasons for a business rebrand

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Rebranding can be the breath of life – or the kiss of death – for a business. And whether your branding has a timeless message that could just use a refresh, or you like to regularly reinvent your brand, it all comes down to timing.

I took the plunge and rebranded last year. I was just going to overhaul my website, but mid-way through that journey, I realised that, like wearing old clothes that no longer fit or flatter, my brand had worn the same look for 5 years – whereas my business had grown and changed dramatically.

So why did I give my brand a makeover?

REASON 1: Well, my previous branding was looking dated and very simple. I felt I’d progressed enough in my business to warrant a more slick, sophisticated (I hope!) look. I wanted a look that had an edgy yet professional feel to it, a stronger energy and something that reflected the scope of my services.

REASON 2: My website’s previous incarnation was looking very drab and… just old. It didn’t showcase my services too well and the functionality was too basic. I avoided giving out my web address when networking and I started neglecting it. (I know, I know! And here’s me, a writer.) But quite simply, it didn’t excite me anymore. So of course, if it didn’t excite me, how would it excite, or even interest potential clients? I needed a website with more room to add content – because, hey! That’s what I’m about!

REASON 3: All this coincided with me revisiting my service offering too. While I’ve been lucky to work with some great clients doing proofreading and web video voice-overs over the last couple of years, I wanted to shake up my ‘scribely’ skills and go after more content writing gigs – so web copy, blogs, press releases… that’s the name of the game. Anyone in business these days knows the importance of content marketing and you only need to browse social media feeds to see its exponential popularity. And power.

That’s the power of words, you know? Whether they’re written or spoken, it’s words that can move a prospect to connect with you. While images are undoubtedly powerful to engage an audience, as countless studies show, words are just as critical to the impact of content. I haven’t seen too many infographics that are solely image-based, have you?

From your web copy and blog to newsletters, social media posts and videos, telling stories with words gives your audience a window into your world – and an invitation to become part of it.

So, welcome to my world!

That’s my rebranding story. How about you? Have you rebranded along the course of your business journey? If yes, why – and are you glad you did? Feel free to share your comments below.

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